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Kaye Phillips

Kaye Phillips says she did not know what to think when a stranger at the post office kept staring at her. The woman eventually pointed to her bag, which was branded with the title of the book that Phillips worked on, and said, in a pointed tone, "'Nasty Women Project,' what is that?"

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Holy Smokers, Batman!

Mike Flannes, a member of the Holy Smokers, describes one of their many dishes: a marinated smoked pork tenderloin stuffed with boudin sausage, wrapped in bacon, with a raspberry chipotle sauce and gouda cheese grits. "Are you getting hungry yet?" he asks.

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Diana Howell

After graduating from Mississippi State University with her bachelor's degree in liberal arts, Diana Howell, then Diana Palmerton, and her soon-to-be husband, John Howell, moved to Jackson In 1991 and got involved with local theaters.

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Theresa Starkey

In May 2016 when professor Theresa Starkey and 400 to 600 Oxford Pride Weekend marchers turned the corner on University Avenue and South Lamar Boulevard in Oxford, Miss., she says that she could not believe her eyes.

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'Jackson': Exploring Reproductive Health in Mississippi

In June 2012, Maisie Crow came across a story on the website Jezebel about Mississippi's House Bill 1390, which newly elected Gov. Phil Bryant had signed into law that April.

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Alyssa Bryant

At 12 years old, Alyssa Bryant got sick, and it was two more years before doctors diagnosed her with Crohn's Disease. After years in and out of hospitals, she decided to take her health into her own hands at age 19.

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George Bey

Millsaps College professor of anthropology George Bey excitedly points to his computer screen as he explains the intricacies of a recent advancement in archeological technology called Light Detection and Ranging, or LiDAR.

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Raoul Peck

Haitian native Raoul Peck has amassed a variety of careers in his 63 years, including stints as the minister of culture for the Haitian government, a New York City taxi driver, a journalist and photographer, and now, an Oscar-nominated filmmaker.

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2017 Crossroads Film Festival: Lights, Camera, Inaction

For its modest size, Mississippi has an illustrious history in its contribution to the arts. From authors Richard Wright and William Faulkner to musicians Elvis Presley, B.B. King and now hip-hop artists Rae Sremmurd, the state has long exported cultural value.

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Sarah MacInnis

Sarah MacInnis is a dual-threat artist as a graphic designer and guitarist. While she was growing up, the Madison native's parents encouraged her creative exploits.

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