WrestleMania 33 Predictions: Part Two

Seven matches to predict are left on the card , and each one could be considered a main-event level match. If you missed the predictions for the three kickoff-show matches, and the three matches I would start WrestleMania 33 with, you can read all about them here.

“SmackDown” Commissioner Shane McMahon settles his beef with the “Phenomenal One,” A.J. Styles. If you haven’t seen Styles wrestle, go to YouTube and watch some of his matches. He really is phenomenal.

Even though McMahon has worked just two matches since returning to his father’s company, this match will be watchable because of Styles. You could give him a broken mop, and he somehow could get a four-star match out it.

The confusing part of this match is the lack of a gimmick. McMahon is normally in a cage match, no-holds barred one or a street fight-type one—any type of match with something for him to try to kill himself, like jumping off Hell in a Cell at WrestleMania 32.

Really, Shane McMahon has a death wish. He has done some insane things you can find all over the Internet. Be sure to check out the concussion he got in a match with Kurt Angle.

Styles even brought up the fact this match has no gimmick at the go-home show for “SmackDown Live.” If it is going to be a wrestling match, he will dominate the whole way. But the fact Styles mentioned the lack of a cage or weapons makes me wonder if a late stipulation will be added to this match.

The match should finish with Styles getting the win but start the tease of a McMahon heel turn. Shane is the only beloved McMahon. So Styles slowly pushing McMahon to perform heel actions as a way to get back at him will be great TV.

Former best friends clash when U.S. Championship holder Chris Jericho battles Kevin Owens. This could be the best match on the card, but it won’t go on last because it isn’t a world-title match and will be needed to pick up the middle of the show.

Jericho is doing some of his best work at the age of 46 and shows no signs of stopping. He can still pull out the moves he did back in WCW and is able to put on top matches with younger guys.

Even at this stage in his career, the crowd still loves Y2J. Here is a list of things Jericho has recently gotten over (getting over means the fans cheer or boo depending on what is trying to be accomplished) with the fans: scarves, a potted plant, saying, “stupid idiot,” telling people they are going to get (insanely long pause) it, a clipboard, a pen, the list of Jericho and the festival of friendship.

If you haven’t enjoyed the gift of Jericho, go to YouTube and drink it in, man.

There isn’t anything Jericho can’t turn to gold when he is on the mic or in the ring. Him being paired with Owens happened to be excellent TV. The WWE even ended the relationship right on time, with having Owens turning on Jericho.

Owens puts on solid matches each time he is in the ring and is a great worker. He should be able to put on a classic match with Jericho if both men are on their game.

Jericho should retain his title, and this feud would continue until “RAW” exclusive pay-per-view Payback on April 30. Then Jericho should drop his U.S. title to Owens, and after the match Owens should beat the heck out of him.

This beatdown will give a reason for Jericho to leave the WWE to go on tour with his band, Fozzy. Jericho could still stalk Owens in taped segments or a live event here and there as he gets ready to return to fight his former friend again.

Owens versus Jericho will be a hard match to follow. That is why the Triple H in a non-sanctioned match against Seth Rollins should be next. The Game’s entrance alone should give fans a chance to cool off.

Rollins is sporting a knee injury at the hands of Samoa Joe, and doctors didn’t “kayfabe” (kayfabe is portraying staged events as real) clear him for this match, hence it being non-sanctioned. This will allow Rollins and Triple H to do anything to beat the hell out of each other.

Rollins is fighting to get his soul back after he sold it to Triple H to become a main-event star. The face turn is almost complete, and this match should finish the turn.

At some point in the match, Samoa Joe can come to the ring to attack Rollins. This is the other time Finn Balor could make his return. Balor could come back and save Rollins from Triple H and Joe as he helps finish the Rollins turn.

Either Rollins gets the win, or the match is a no-contest. Either way, it will set him up to feud with Triple H and his new heel stable of Joe, Owens and anyone else they add.

The WWE has its deepest roster of women’s wrestlers in the history of the company. There is no mistake why they are main-eventing “Raw” and “SmackDown.” But there are problems when it comes to some pay-per-views.

It isn’t the women’s fault; is the placement of their matches. They sometimes go on after the crowd is burnt out from a previous match like Undertaker versus anyone. A great match in the ring loses some of its luster as the crowd tries to work itself back into a frenzy.

That’s why the “Raw” women’s championship fatal four-way elimination match should go on here. In this match are all four women—Bayley (the champion), Charlotte Flair, Sasha Banks and Nia Jax. All start in the ring at the same time, and pinfalls or submissions eliminate each woman one by one.

This match could go any number of directions, but if Jax isn’t going to win, the other three women should team up to eliminate her early. If she is going to win, she should fight off the other three, slowly taking each woman out.

My feeling is that Jax will get eliminated early, and Flair will win as Banks completes the heel turn she has been teasing by eliminating the champion Bayley or costing her the title. This sets up Jax against Flair, and Banks against Bayley after WrestleMania.

Again, if you haven’t seen the ladies wrestle, take some time to watch matches on the Internet. They can use high flying moves, power moves, work the mic and are well-developed characters.

Women’s wrestling is no longer a match to get up and get more snacks. It is must-see, as the company is committed to its women’s division.

Undertaker and Roman Reigns should go on next. This is the battle to see who is the WWE “big dog” and who “owns the yard,” which is the ring.

If this is Taker’s last match, he is going out on his back like the old-school wrestling tradition: You lose your final match to put over the younger guy. Undertaker is one of the last old-school wrestlers left.

Personally, I want the “dead man” to have one last championship reign and then walk off into the sunset. At 52 years old, there can’t be many more WrestleMania moments left for “The Phenom.”

But if Undertaker isn’t retiring, he should win this match with Reigns turning his heel. Either in the match or after, Reigns should try to end the Undertaker by any means possible to seal his heel turn.

I get the idea that Reigns sells a ton of merchandise as a baby face. If there is anything we have learned, great heels can sell products like D-Generation X or the New World Order.

This would get the fans behind Reigns, and I think he would work better as a heel. There is always a chance to turn him back face later.

The final two matches should be for the world titles. First, Randy Orton challenges Bray Wyatt for his WWE Championship. This match could get weird, which is why it should not go on last.

Orton and Wyatt are in an angle about “Sister Abigail,” the once-mentor of Wyatt. Sister Abigail is kayfabe and also happens to be dead. In their feud, Orton has burned Abigail’s grave, Wyatt has rubbed the ashes from the grave all over his body, and in the final “SmackDown” before WrestleMania, Orton drove a crucifix into Abigail’s grave.

Again, this match could get weird. It should end with Wyatt keeping the title, the Wyatt family reuniting and some form of Sister Abigail showing up. Orton should then face the insurmountable odds of the Wyatt Family as he chases the title post-WrestleMania.

The last match is WWE Universal Champion Goldberg against “the beast incarnate” Brock Lesnar. It looks like it will be a quick match no matter who wins.

The rumor is Goldberg is gone after WrestleMania, and if so, he will drop the title to Lesnar. The thing is, Lesnar doesn’t really need the win or rub like other wrestlers in the company, so Goldberg could win the match like he has been doing against Lesnar and still “go out on his back” with Braun Strowman coming to the ring and destroying him. This way, Goldberg retires as champ, and Strowman gets a major push for ending his career.

This could set up a Lesnar against Strowman match for the title. Strowman would do what Lesnar couldn’t by taking out Goldberg. It also makes “Raw” the night after WrestleMania must see, as Goldberg drops the belt.

Those are my predictions. What are yours? Comment or tweet @JFPSports on Twitter before Sunday’s show.

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