Clinton Chamber Serving as Local Admin for National ServiceIndustry.Tips Initiative

Photo courtesy The Iron Horse Grill

Photo courtesy The Iron Horse Grill

The Clinton Chamber of Commerce has joined the ranks of other community leaders at ServiceIndustry.Tips by serving as the local administrator for the Jackson Metropolitan Area in assisting service industry workers affected by the coronavirus outbreak.

Service industry workers across the world are already being hurt by social distancing recommendations and the economic effects of COVID-19, and many servers, bartenders, and other industry folks are being told they may not have a reliable source of income for a couple of months. All of us have seen suggestions that people should “tip” our beauty salon workers, coffee baristas, bartenders, and other shift-based workers while we are hunkered down at home. ServiceIndustry.Tips has built a way to do just that. It’s simple and it’s totally free. This will not completely solve our neighbors' financial challenges, but we have been told again and again by our service industry friends that it is a great morale booster to see a sign that someone in the local community cares.

Located at http://serviceindustry.tips/en/ms/jackson, the initiative is a great, interactive way to make you, friends or employees of the hospitality and service industry gain a little money during this difficult time through a “Tip Roulette” style program. So how does it work?

If you are willing to tip a local service industry worker, then visit the Jackson Metro Area tips site. There, you will be presented with a randomly selected neighbor who works in the service industry and where he or she works. You send your neighbor money directly with Venmo or Cash App, and the site charges no fees and doesn’t collect any of your data. Organizers suggest tipping the first worker who appears, so everyone gets a turn. Alternatively, visitors can refresh the page to see another name.

If you are a service industry worker, then visit the Jackson Metro Area tips site and fill out a simple form to be added to the list to start receiving your kind support from your local community.

The Clinton Chamber is proud to assist our community by volunteering our time to promote and manage the program in our greater Jackson area. For more information about the Chamber, visit clintonchamber.org or call (601) 924-5912. More details on the service industry initiative can be found at http://serviceindustry.tips/en/about. Help a service/hospitality industry worker in your area today!

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