Azia Wiggins

Editorial Assistant Azia Wiggins is a proud “Jacksonian Ju” with an extensive science background, but she’s a God-fearing, carefree songbird at heart. She loves owls, Skittles, learning new things and growing relationships with amazing new people.

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Azia’s Picks 8-1-20

There are many events happening in the Capitol City that we can enjoy with one another despite these uncertain times. Please get some sun and breathe in some fresh air. Take some time to gaze at the heavens and laugh until your sides hurt.

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EDITOR'S NOTE: Rage and Grace Amid COVID-19

In Mississippi, will it take bodies piled up on North State Street outside of UMMC before we all stand hand-in-hand, unafraid to collectively unite and govern ourselves?

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Azia’s Picks 7-24-20

Good afternoon, fellow Jacksonians! Despite the heavy losses many of us have had to endure this past week, we are still here to live and love again. For that I am grateful.

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Azia’s Picks 7-17-20

We made it to the weekend, and I know you’re looking for ways to enjoy summer with family and friends while remaining safe during this COVID-19 pandemic. Good news: You’re right where you should be!

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Mississippi Teachers Unite Rally

With the fall academic season right around the corner, many Mississippians are worried about making the right choices for their children as they try to adapt and incorporate safe measures amid COVID-19.

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Limited Time: MAC Rapid Response Grants

The Mississippi Arts Commission offers an expanded version of its Minigrants program, coined Rapid Response Grants, to quickly assist with the evolving needs of artists and art organizations amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Azia’s Picks 7-10-20

Rain or shine, there are many safe virtual and outside events happening in the city, so take some time to fill up on sunshine and love. Please stay safe and hydrated.

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Azia’s Virtual Picks 6-26-20

"I hope you can share an event from this list and maybe use it to spark a conversation, learn more about one another or maybe even set the foundation for new ideas and new platforms with new voices to emerge."

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Azia’s Virtual Picks: Juneteenth Edition

I pray that we all take time to remember our collective history and learn more from it and each other despite our background, race, religion, or creed. This is how we truly manifest power to the people!

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Azia’s Virtual Picks 6-5-20

The world is slowly opening back up, the streets are bustling with people back on the grind, trying to maintain some sense of normalcy; but the reality is, we have to adapt to a new “normal” and things are not the same.

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