Azia Wiggins

Editorial Assistant Azia Wiggins is a proud “Jacksonian Ju” with an extensive science background, but she’s a God-fearing, carefree songbird at heart. She loves owls, Skittles, learning new things and growing relationships with amazing new people.

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Azia’s Virtual Picks 6-5-20

The world is slowly opening back up, the streets are bustling with people back on the grind, trying to maintain some sense of normalcy; but the reality is, we have to adapt to a new “normal” and things are not the same.

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Azia’s Virtual Picks 5-29-20

If you’re still remaining cautious and feel safer at home, there are still many virtual options to turn to for entertainment. Check out my picks for this weekend to see what calls out to you.

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Azia’s Virtual Picks 5-22-20

I hope that you are remaining safe and continuing to follow CDC guidelines to protect your family, yourself and your community. If you’re still remaining cautious like me, check out some of the virtual events I’ve had my eye on.

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Azia’s Virtual Picks 5-15-20

If you're staying home like me and still need some interesting events to take part in from home, check out my virtual picks for this coming week.

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Azia’s Virtual Picks 5/7/2020

"In times like these, it’s easy to give in to hopelessness. I know it’s been hard. I know it’s been painful. I know it's been intense; but don’t give in, don’t give up. I hope you find ways to build yourself up during this time."

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Azia’s Virtual Picks 5/1/20

As we all desperately wait to reach the light at the end of this long, uncertain tunnel, check out a few more virtual happenings to indulge in. I hope something on this list inspires you to move, create and engage with others to share your new interests with.

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Azia’s Picks: Virtual Events Roundup 4/24/20

As the days roll by during this new quarantined way of life, we all still have a desire to feel included and connected to one another. Here is a list of some virtual events I've spotted for you and your families to enjoy while practicing social distancing as we make sacrifices to stay home together.

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JXN MS Mobile Meals Dispatch

The Jackson COVID-19 Community Food and Aid Coalition is a collaboration of local groups that formed a food dispatch and delivery service to support the most vulnerable residents in Jackson, including elders and children, by supplying weekly food supplies during this quarantine period.

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Tackling Food Insecurity in the Capital City

While we are collectively concerned over what COVID-19 means for the immediate future, locally and globally, Jacksonians with surrounding businesses and organizations are standing together, working hard and endeavoring to make sure no child or family in need goes hungry.

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EDITOR'S NOTE: A Silver Lining to the COVID-19 Crisis

"Be present in your feelings right now and take time to look within and unpack when you’re ready. It’s perfectly OK to slow down and not give into the perpetual pressure of always working to be better."

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