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Activist: 'We Need to Flood the Polls as We Flooded the Streets to Protest'

Calyn Stringfellow wants more young people to get politically engaged and to register and turn out to vote, hence the program she held in front of Jackson City Hall.

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Gov. Reeves Vetoes Jackson Water Bill, More Paving, Mask Requirement Ahead

Gov. Tate Reeves has vetoed the “Jackson Water Bill,” a piece of proposed legislation that passed in both the Mississippi Senate and House of Representatives with no opposing vote.

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Hinds Leaders: Mississippi Flag Stands for ‘Hate, Torture, Murder, Rape’

Hinds County leaders issued a passionate plea yesterday, joining the growing call to change the Mississippi flag because of the Confederate emblem in its canton.

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Lumumba Threatens To Shut Down Businesses If COVID-19 Infection Rate Spikes

Mayor Chokwe A. Lumumba is expressing frustration at people not following social-distancing guidelines to counter the spread of COVID-19, saying he may need to tighten restrictions he earlier loosened if the rate of infection and hospitalization spikes.

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Losing Queenyanna: Could Quicker Response Have Saved Her Life?

Queenyanna Davis would have been 6 years old on June 23, but she was murdered. She attended Watkins Elementary School in Jackson.

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Smelling Sewage on Sage Street

Jesse and Sarah Pittman have had to live with the smell of sewer for a long time. They call it racist that the City of Jackson hasn’t stepped up to help.

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Jackson Water Bills May Decrease Under Pending State Law; Sewer Woes Mount

The City of Jackson could lower residents’ water-bill debts if Gov. Tate Reeves signs Senate Bill 2856, which both houses of the Legislature passed unanimously, 51-0 in the Senate and 108-0 in the House of Representatives.

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Juneteenth: Stokes Declares June 19, 2020, Sheriff Lee Vance Day and Jackson Advocate Day

Ward 3 Councilman Kenneth Stokes honored Hinds County Sheriff Lee Vance and the Jackson Advocate newspaper on Friday as part of a Jackson Juneteenth celebration.

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Mayor Announces Local TSA PreCheck Service for Travelers, Warns COVID-19 Still Serious Danger

Citizens of Jackson who previously had to travel 30 miles to Vicksburg for Transportation Security Administration PreCheck Services can now obtain the same with the city.

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CITY: ‘Deeper Than Racism’: Jackson Declares ‘Classism’ a Public Health Crisis

To attract more funds to counter the impact of socioeconomic factors on health disparity, the Jackson City Council unanimously declared classism as a public-health crisis on June 9, saying it is recommitting itself to improving the quality of life and health of the underclass.

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