Letter to a Young Mother

Photo courtesy Mississippi Bureau of Investigation

Photo courtesy Mississippi Bureau of Investigation


Melishia Brooks

Dear Ebony,

I don't know you, but I know you. You are me. You are my sister, my aunt, my friend. You are every woman, every mother who just wanted what was best for her child.

From the moment I received the Amber Alert, I began to pray for Kingston and his mother, because I knew you. While many claim to not understand how you could go into Kroger without him, I won't make that claim. I get it. Many of us get it.

I understand the need to just be a mother, which means making decisions in the moment that benefit your child. I understand needing to run an errand that you won't have time to run the next day. I understand the sacrifice of losing sleep to make sure the next school day is fun and exciting for your child. I understand planning out the next day, minute by minute, in an effort to make sure everything goes right.

As mothers, we see everything that is good with the world for the sake of our children. We do this because deep down inside we want to believe our speeches we give about ghosts and zombies not being real.

Deep down inside, we want to believe in the good in the world because we want our children to believe it, too.

We never imagine that the bad guys are lurking around our corner. No mother fathoms the evil you've had to endure, but yet and still we cry with you. We stand with you. We pray with you. You're not alone in your effort to just be a mother.

And if no one else has told you, it's not your fault. You were the best mother God could have given Kingston. And like most little boys' relationships with their mothers, I'm sure he adored and loved you to no end.

There are no words that can bring you comfort, but please know that there are mothers out here that are just like you, and we get it. We are praying for you and lifting you up. We're sorry that your son's tragic demise has been the catalyst for people to blame and bash you, a loving and devoted mother.

While there's nothing left to do but pray, I just wanted to tell you that you're loved. And you're not alone.

Mothers everywhere are standing in your corner.

Signed, A mother like you!

Melishia Brooks

Read more about the case at jfp.ms/kingstonfrazier.

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