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Gov. Bryant Signs 'Back the Badge,' Increased Penalties Bills

Surrounded by law enforcement officers, emergency personnel and first responders, Gov. Phil Bryant signed the "Back the Badge Act," which adds law-enforcement officials, firefighters and emergency personnel as protected classes under Mississippi's hate-crime laws.

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Veteran Democratic Lawmaker Diagnosed with Dementia, Plans to Retire

House Speaker Philip Gunn directed all members to their seats this morning, as Rep. Steve Holland, D-Plantersville, took the podium for a point of personal privilege.

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'Big, Black or Boy' Preschoolers Face Higher Expulsions and Suspensions

Implicit bias starts early in education—really early. New research shows that boys, black children and especially black boys are more likely to be expelled or suspended from early education program than their peers who commit similar offenses.

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18 Artists Inducted into Mississippi Arts and Experience Hall of Fame

Mississippi's top political leaders announced the induction of 18 artists into the inaugural Mississippi Arts and Entertainment Hall of Fame class at the Capitol this morning.

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Cruel & Unusual? The Death Penalty’s Trials in Mississippi

The State of Mississippi is litigating legal challenges to the state's lethal-injection law directly. Mississippi last executed a prisoner in June 2012, Mississippi Department of Corrections records posted online show.

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Compromising on Vouchers, Criminal Justice as ‘Back the Badge’ Bill Goes to Governor

The fate of dyslexia scholarship-voucher expansion efforts, how criminal-justice reforms are implemented and occupational licensing-board oversight are in the hands of a few this week as Mississippi lawmakers conference and compromise on what stays and what goes.

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Bracing for Budget Cuts, Sparing Ed Funds

Impending and deep budget cuts have tainted many-a-committee comment and shadowed several debates this legislative session. With less than two weeks left until lawmakers leave Jackson, they must sign off on a budget that so far means reductions to almost every state agency.

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'Transform Your Hustle': 'Shark Tank'-Style Re-Entry Program Coming to State

Mississippians in the state's custody could soon have access to a new re-entry program focused on entrepreneurship, rehabilitation and getting a job upon release.

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GOP Health Plan Would Affect Older Mississippians, Many Rural Whites

Despite the Affordable Care Act's uncertain future, more than 88,000 Mississippians, many elderly and white, re-enrolled in health insurance-marketplace plans by the Jan. 31 deadline, data from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services show.

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'Back the Badge' Bill Heads to Governor's Desk

Police officers will become a protected class for hate crimes against them if Gov. Phil Bryant signs the "Back the Badge Act of 2017," which is headed to Gov. Phil Bryant's desk after the Mississippi House of Representatives approved the Senate's version of the legislation.

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