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Beto O'Rourke: Trump Used ICE to 'Terrorize' Mississippi Hispanics

"(Donald Trump) is terrifying this community. People who have done nothing to anybody else posed no threat to America. So there's no other reason to raid this community than to terrify this community. And that's exactly what he's done," Democratic presidential candidate Beto O'Rourke said in Canton this morning.

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The Night Immigration Agents Took Two Madison Children's Father

Around 2 a.m., Joshua Quinn's phone rang, waking him. "They took him! They took him! They took him!" cried the voice of an 11-year-old boy Quinn was helping mentor at The BARS Institute, which he started to help young boys of color in Mississippi's capital city.

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‘Shared Belief’: McDaniel Endorses Reeves to Block Medicaid Expansion

Shared opposition to Medicaid expansion in the state spurred Mississippi Sen. Chris McDaniel on Thursday to endorse Lt. Gov. Tate Reeves, whose legislative tactics he has long criticized, for the Republican Party runoff for governor.

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False Claims in Tate Reeves' 'Obamacare' Mailers on Waller Plan

A mailer from Tate Reeves' campaign made several misleading claims about Republican runoff opponent Bill Waller's Medicaid expansion plan.

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Waller Says Yes to Equal Pay, No on LGBT Hate Crimes Law

In a series of campaign stops for the Republican runoff for governor on Tuesday, former Mississippi Chief Justice Bill Waller reiterated his views on health care and education, while also sharing his thoughts on equal pay for women and LGBT hate crimes.

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Foster Endorses Waller in Gov Runoff, Cites Medicaid, Teacher Pay

Former Republican candidate for governor Robert Foster announced his support for Bill Waller Jr., citing Medicaid and teacher pay, in the party’s primary runoff at a Tuesday morning press conference in DeSoto County.

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GOP Insider: Foster to Endorse Ex-Opponent Waller in Runoff for Primary Nod for Gov

Mississippi House Rep. Robert Foster plans to endorse former Mississippi Supreme Court Chief Justice Bill Waller in the Republican runoff for governor, a GOP insider told the Jackson Free Press on Sunday evening.

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Koch Foods, PECO Funded 'Chicken' PAC, Gave Thousands to Hyde-Smith, Pols

Business executives who federal filings say "willfully and unlawfully" employed undocumented immigrants have donated thousands to high-level politicians in and outside of Mississippi, including through a special "Chicken" political action committee.

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Immigrant Families Jobless in Mississippi After 'Inhumane' ICE Raids

Mississippi Immigrants Rights Alliance organizer Luis Espinoza told the Jackson Free Press on Thursday that he had spent the past two days working with families after ICE agents raided six worksites across the state on Wednesday.

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After ICE Raids, Some Kids Reunited with Parents or Relatives in Mississippi

Scott County Youth Court Prosecutor Constance Slaughter-Harvey watched Thursday morning as a few children reunited with and embraced parents whom, just a day before, they had been separated from after U.S. federal ICE agents arrested them.

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