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Music Editor Micah Smith is married to a great lady, has two dog-children named Kirby and Zelda, and plays in the band Empty Atlas. Send gig info to music@jacksonfreepress.com.

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The Weeks: ‘Easy’ Writers

It's been four years since Jackson-native rock act The Weeks released a true follow-up to their 2013 album, "Dear Bo Jackson," although the band has been far from quiet.

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The Days of Deejays

As an artist who came up in the early-2000s hip-hop scene and still performs today, New York native Sam Zornow, whom fans know as DJ Shiftee, has experienced two different eras of deejaying.

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The Highs and Low Ends

Iconic hip-hop act A Tribe Called Quest surprised many longtime listeners in late 2015 when the group seemingly began ramping up for a full return.

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Disney's 'Dream' in Jackson

Parents, children and general fans of the "House of Mouse" will see quite a few stories at the Jackson production of "Disney on Ice: Dare to Dream," which takes place at the Mississippi Coliseum from today, April 6, through April 9.

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A Thankless Job

Airport baggage screeners have an important position that is not only thankless but also, on occasion, outright despised. In German filmmaker Florian Heinzen-Ziob's dramatic short film "For Your Own Safety," he puts a face to that station through the story of Jonas, a senior bag-checker who follows security guidelines to the letter.

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Raising the Steaks

It's a classic tale of politics, power struggles and savory revenge, albeit in an unexpected setting. Writer-director Felipe da Fonseca Peroni's aptly named short film, "Brazilian Steakhouse," follows Rodney, who is the butt of the joke as a garlic-bread server at a steakhouse named Gauchao.

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Jazz Fest Fellowship

Hitting the "big 1-0" is a significant milestone for any annual event, which is why Raphael Semmes and Tripp Douglas wanted to do something spectacular for the 10th anniversary of the Township Jazz Festival, which takes place Saturday, April 8, in the Township at Colony Park in Ridgeland.

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Weighing in on ‘Wolves’

Ron Etheridge will likely be a familiar name—and voice—to many Jackson music fans.

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Hari Kunzru

To those who aren't familiar with his critically acclaimed past works, such as 2011's "Gods Without Men," Hari Kunzru is known for his lively writing style and his ability to bring seemingly disjointed elements together to poignant ends.

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Greg Iles: From 'Burning' to 'Blood'

For many people, today is an average Tuesday, but for longtime fans of author Greg Iles, March 21 has been a long time coming. Today marks the release of the Natchez-native novelists’ latest book, “Mississippi Blood.”

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