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Texissippi Sid, Musical Tones from Two Homes

A veteran to the Jackson music scene, Sid Thompson has been strumming a guitar since the early 1960s.

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Local Brews for Me and You

Larry Voss and Dylan Broome opened LD's BeerRun in December 2014 in northeast Jackson initially as a craft-beer retail store to serve the needs of local beer lovers.

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Sandra Shelson

Sandra Shelson has served the Jackson area, and Mississippi at large, in her position as executive director of The Partnership for a Healthy Mississippi for the last 16 years. However, the road to finding her passion was not a direct one.

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Patrick Harkins: A Businessman with a Band

"I like to work with the mantra of positivity and doing the best we can every day to give our community the gift of music," says Patrick Harkins, owner of Fondren Guitars.

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Casey Spell

Pearl native and resident Casey Spell has never felt too busy to take on another activity or responsibility, as he is presently working his way through medical school while also co-owning and managing H&S Roofing and Home Repair alongside his high-school friend Chris Hare.

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James Kenyon

Jackson resident James Kenyon says he has a heart for "telling stories that might not otherwise be heard," which he has had the chance to do since co-founding the Hearth and Mantel Theatre in 2017.

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Chandler Griffin, Storyteller

"I've done everything from teaching Dalits how to tell stories to running a workshop in Malaysia with kids who are deaf but want to tell their stories," filmmaker Chandler Griffin says about his career to date.

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OPINION: Colliding Toward Vienna; Strange, Random Kindness Amid a Merry Romp

Columnist Richard Coupe had a merry romp, and kind help from a connected Austrian, to get to Vienna on time.

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Mike Cashion

Michael "Mike" P. Cashion Sr., who has lived in Clinton for 23 years with his wife, Debbie, recently retired as the executive director of the Mississippi Hospitality and Restaurant Association after 21 years of service.

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OPINION: Women in Mississippi—So Strong and So Tough

"Over the 25 years that we have lived in Mississippi, we have taken quite a ribbing. Whenever we told them of our children's successes, they always scoffed and said 'but it's Mississippi' as if that lessened the 

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