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Viola Dacus: Vocalist, Instructor, Mother

Dr. Viola Dacus vividly recalls one of the teaching moments that affirm her career choice of helping others develop their vocal performance.

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Garner Music Academy: ‘Make the Music Happen’

In her hometown of Pocahontas, Miss., Latongya Garner developed her affinity for music at Baker's Grove Missionary Baptist Church, where she currently serves as music minister.

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Jamie Shines

Jamie Shines' friends call her the "queen of the off-guard," for her love of taking spontaneous pictures of them when they least expect it. "I take the best off-guards ever," she emphatically claims.

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Shower Power, ‘Loving the Homeless Back to Life’

Shower Power founder Teresa Renkenberger came up with the idea of converting a food truck into showers for the homeless while she was having a conversation with a homeless friend.

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Family, Life’s Most Powerful Siren Song

A passion for music may have led Dawn Dixon across the Atlantic Ocean for a time, but her love for her family brought her back to her southern roots.

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The Cat’s Out of the Bag

While Jon Lansdale never had formal culinary training, his appreciation for cooking provided the drive he needed to make his restaurant, Crazy Cat Eat Up, a staple in the Jackson area.

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Ira Murray and the 'Spirit of Jackson'

Ira Murray made Jackson his home for a second time after accepting the position of president and CEO with the United Way of the Capital Area.

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Christopher Kochtitzky: A Good Agent, A Good Man

Jackson lost a favored son on Sunday May 3 in the death of Christopher “Chris” Kochtitzky in Atlanta. “Chris was always interested in—and promoting—Jackson. He was our ‘ambassador’ so-to-speak at the CDC,” says Scott Crawford of Jackson, a longtime friend.

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Texissippi Sid, Musical Tones from Two Homes

A veteran to the Jackson music scene, Sid Thompson has been strumming a guitar since the early 1960s.

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Local Brews for Me and You

Larry Voss and Dylan Broome opened LD's BeerRun in December 2014 in northeast Jackson initially as a craft-beer retail store to serve the needs of local beer lovers.

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